Mixed Up But Unmatched


There are those on the Internet
who speak gobbledygook
They even write their gibberish
and publish it in a book

They fool all the people
with their blathering baloney
Why can’t readers see
that their prattle is all phony

I thought to myself
I can do that just as well
I’ll dream up some drivel
and surely it will sell

Half-baked hocus pocus
and a lot of twiddle twaddle
Should be very easy
but first I need a model

I studied the scribble scrabble
of the Father of Foolishness
And was generously rewarded
with his simple silliness


Yada Yada Yada

I trust you will enjoy
my posts of poppycock*
And hope from your Reader
my blog you will not block

I have in my Draft Folder a series of poppycock posts. They were inspired by the Father of Foolishness – an expert on quantum theory and consciousness. 



nonsense; bosh

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5 thoughts on “Poppycock

  1. unfetteredbs on said:

    Good one

  2. What a great piece to wake up to!!

  3. I smell Seinfeld coming through this one. Yada yada yada. Nice to start my day with this one and a smile.

  4. Reblogged this on quirkywritingcorner and commented:
    I love her choice of words which makes this a delightful poem.

  5. I instantly thought of the Poppycock guy I saw on some talent show like America’s Got Talent or XFactor (can’t remember). He was a character!

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