Mixed Up But Unmatched


Splash of bold red
Senses drowsy soothing
Sleep-inducing Mesmerizing
Calm Trance *

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Amapola my pretty little poppy
You’re like that lovely flower so sweet and heavenly
Since I found you my heart is wrapped around you
And loving you it seems to beat a rhapsody
Amapola that pretty little poppy
Must copy its endearing charms from you
Amapola  Amapola
How I long to hear you say I love you

Amor amor amor
This word so sweet that I repeat
Means I adore you
Amor amor my love
Would you deny this heart that
I have placed before you

Amor amor my love
When you’re away there is no day
And nights are lonely
Amor amor my love
Make life divine say you’ll be mine
And love me only

*Cinquain is a short, usually unrhymed poem consisting of twenty-two syllables distributed as 2, 4, 6, 8, 2, in five lines.
Line 1: Noun
Line 2: Description of Noun
Line 3: Action
Line 4: Feeling or Effect
Line 5: Synonym of the initial noun

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2 thoughts on “Poppy

  1. Very sweet song. We lived in Lancaster/Palmdale, CA (job related location). There was an open field just behind the houses across the street from us that would get a few scattered poppies until one incredible spring the whole field was covered for miles and miles. Peter Jennings featured it on Nightly News. The feeling one gets when looking at that is indescribable.

  2. Love this post, poem and photos. Did you know that the Cinquain was invented by Adelaide Crapper. The kids in my English classes loved that fact! :)

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