Mixed Up But Unmatched


Most people have never heard of it
That phenomenon called pareidolia
And just in case you’re wondering
It rhymes with magnolia

It is a type of illusion
Involving a vague stimulus
And if you dare indulge in it
The results may be ridiculous

There is according to Hume
A tendency among mankind
To transfer familiar qualities
And see human faces in your mind

And what could be more ordinary
Than a burnt tortilla or honey bun
Or a pizza and dry piece of toast
Or maybe some egg foo young

And what is even more bizarre
Is the face that it invokes
I’m not making this up
Out there are really queer folks

For appearing to dozens of people
Make that ten thousand and more
On a pancake the face of Jesus
And behind them the crazy press corps



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3 thoughts on “Pareidolia

  1. I recently saw such a phenomenon on FB. You can see a Jesus-like person in a robe clearly pictured on the dog’s rear end. https://www.facebook.com/kisspeoria/photos/a.346698408698638.70656.142254475809700/660335737334902/?type=1&theater Why were they looking? It brought a laugh to everyone here; maybe you need a laugh too!

  2. I’ve not heard of pareidolia! But I may have experienced it – I found the face of Jesus on the inside of my kitchen bin lid one day. Caused by little splashes of tea stained water after throwing teabags in. I couldn’t believe it – almost didn’t want to wash it off it was so good! :D Could be good on a pancake though – would you want to bite his head off?! ;)

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