Mixed Up But Unmatched

NaPoMo ~ Dear Meme ~ Gossip

Don’t gossip blab or babble
Tell secrets or spill the beans
Don’t circulate chitter chatter
Avoid embarrassing public scenes

Don’t repeat or spread rumors
That’s only done by teens
But keep your ears and eyes wide open
To pick up what it all means

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6 thoughts on “NaPoMo ~ Dear Meme ~ Gossip

  1. We fully agree with this one.

  2. More good advice! Well said! I do like this letter format. :)

  3. My ears are very wide, I’m always listening! ;)

  4. Sonel on said:

    Good to listen but better to keep zip on the mouth. Great advice Meme. Some folks around here where we live can do with this lesson. :D

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