Mixed Up But Unmatched

NaPoMo ~ Dear Meme ~ Thoughts

Think your own thoughts trust your own mind
Leave others to go their own way
Conclude and conceive – find what you believe
From your point of view do not sway

Deem and deduce suppose and surmise
Let the brain waves gently emerge
Take time for reflection – and deep introspection
All useless ideas then purge

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4 thoughts on “NaPoMo ~ Dear Meme ~ Thoughts

  1. Yes, I agree, good advice nicely put. :)

  2. Perfect advice! I always think my own thoughts. But I’m not always liked for it though – it certainly isn’t a way to become popular. I often wonder if some people actually envy another person feeling free to think for themselves, and it comes out as anger and opposition. I ignore them – leave them to their think-less world! :)

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