Mixed Up But Unmatched

NaPoMo ~ Dear Meme ~ Disputes

Hassle and hoo-ha are in view today
Dispute and discord lay ahead
Be ready for friction – and much contradiction
‘Twould be best if you just stayed in bed

A run-in and rupture a riot and rift
Everything horrible to dread
A fracas and fray – a terrible day
Perhaps ‘twould be best if you fled

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2 thoughts on “NaPoMo ~ Dear Meme ~ Disputes

  1. CAn I call in sleepy

  2. Nah, get up and go fight!! Well, on second thought, play nicely. When you have as many stupid diseases as I have, getting out of bed is a struggle some days; but I refuse to lose the argument.
    Anyway, it’s a cute post.

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