Mixed Up But Unmatched

Critical Thinking Steps


Gather knowledge to determine
If ideas are wrong or right
Round up facts and figures
New thoughts they will ignite

Identify the main issues
Read up and take some notes
Explore every new source
And inquire into a few quotes



Comprehension means understanding
The material heard, read or seen
If you don’t understand it
What’s the use of what you glean

Take what you have gathered
Summarize it in your own way
Never be just a parrot
Repeating what others say



Correlate what you have learned
Apply it to some task
Illustrate or give an example
That’s not too much to ask

Predict what will happen
When you use your knowledge anew
Demonstrate what you have read
Display a real break through



Analysis involves breaking
What you’ve read or heard into parts
By now you must have a notion
How critical thinking starts

Look for patterns and principles
Showcase systems, sets and shapes
Categorize your information
Make sure nothing escapes



Combining multiple sources
This is now your role
Consolidating and connecting
Ideas to make a whole

Flexibility and skill are needed
To merge pieces into something new
Orchestrate and order the points
Your mind will be the glue



Rating, ranking and reckoning
Is part of the thinking process
Strengths and weakness of your toil
Now appraise and assess

Scrutinize what you’ve done
Rehash every chapter and verse
Size it up and check it out
Then the results you may dispersecriticalthink-valentine

Valentine’s Day

Just a word of caution
Just a word to the wise
Do not try to think today
Is what I do advise

Do not question your sweetie’s motives
Always tell her she is right
Do not try to understand her
Or a riot you will incite

Do not analyze her actions
Do not pick her all apart
For if you dig too deep
You will surely break her heart

Do not evaluate her hugs
Do not rate her kisses sweet
Just accept what she gives you
Then ask her to repeat

For love is never rational
There is no rhyme or reason why
Your thoughts go all a flutter
When someone special passes by

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27 thoughts on “Critical Thinking Steps

  1. This is definitely the best treatise on these subject I have ever read.

  2. Ah, the systematic critical thinking is great but it has its limits… :)

  3. One for the head and one for the heart
    you are a master of the art.

  4. An essay in rhyme! Very well done!!

  5. Glad you used critical thinking for Valentine’s; very wise.

  6. My FAVORITE today. Excellent. Happy day to you!

    • Thanks for reading my reasoning.
      I always start out with a happy day. I get up very early and enjoy it before it all starts going downhill. lol
      :) I have been watching the Olympics and seeing the skiers going downhill so downhill has been on my mind.

  7. You have done well.

  8. Awesome! Well done, meme!

  9. Perfect advise for building a house and keeping your loved one on side :)

  10. Very thought provoking! I certainly don’t believe in that parrot thinking or talking. If we don’t use our brains they go to sleep in the end, maybe never to wake again – exercise of thought keeps it healthy! :D

    P.S. Change of name – change of face – same Suzy!

    • Hi Suzy, I’m glad you are still the same o same. Wondering how your story writing is progressing.

      • I’ve been taking a break this month from the novel to concentrate on some short stories waiting to be completed/edited for ages. I’ve have one up as a separate page now. I’m hoping to add some of the slightly longer stories as pages because I don’t like to create posts too long – everyone has enough to read as it is, without being faced with a 4000 word story!!! So the longer ones will be there if anyone chooses to read them. I’m also writing a short story (monologue) for a young woman starting out in her acting career that I met on a writers site, so that’s quite exciting. I’m hoping to have her read some poetry or a story as a SoundCloud guest reader, hopefully it will make everything a little more interesting for everyone! So my break hasn’t really been a real break, more a slight change in what I’ve been doing! :)

  11. Great way of getting the ideas across!

  12. Very interesting indeed! Cheers~ :D

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