Mixed Up But Unmatched

Critical Thinking

The goal of critical thinking
Is to arrive at reasonable facts
Seeking the truth with evidence
Leads to reasonable acts

It is a way of deciding
Whether a claim is true or false
Might even be used to determine
If your partner knows how to waltz

The process incorporates passion
Applies clever creativity
But also is guided along
With workaday practicality

It can be traced to ancient Greece
With its Socratic methodology
Although some attempt to find facts
Using misleading mythology

There are six steps for critical thinking
Without them you’ll be inept
Come back again tomorrow
We will explore them all in depth

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24 thoughts on “Critical Thinking

  1. One of my favorite topics, critical thinking. Recently saw a documentary by Tom Shadyac’s (known for a lot of Hollywood comedy films) in which he, after being in a coma from a severe head injury, travels around talking to who he considers are modern day teachers. Included was the Dalai Lama, who answered that he felt the most important thing he could impart on anyone was to use critical thinking. It’s really interesting what that does to belief systems, realities, etc. Great post. Can’t wait for your 6 steps.

    • I think it must be one of the most difficult things to teach. I certainly had no instruction. Never got past the Knowledge bit. With the Internet we have access to so many ideas and as you mentioned documentaries to learn from. And that does demand that we have someway to sift and sort.
      Off to make up the directions. lol

    • Thank you for the tip regarding the documentary. Went to the website, it looks fantastic…my family will watch it this weekend.

  2. With so much information swirling around us the ability to think critically is more important than ever…looking forward to the rules.
    So, you were a teacher? Yet another reason to like you. One of the most important people in my life was a teacher who taught me to think critically. My son is going to be a teacher and I am really proud of him. My mother-in-law started teaching in a one room school house in the backwoods of Maine, stayed in the profession for 35 years.

    • Oh Oh. My critical thinking steps will probably receive the critical review. lol

      Yes, elementary for tooooo many years. Retired about 20 years ago. I loved the teaching part and the kids. It’s all the rest of the bs that goes with it that was so annoying.
      And you should be proud of your son. I may be wrong, but I would predict when he has been in the classroom a few weeks, he will say that he learned nothing from his method courses. lol You learn how to teach by teaching.
      No matter how long I taught or how experienced I was, each fall when I started with a new class I felt like a newbie teacher.

  3. Consider me enrolled for the class. I wouldn’t want to miss a lesson.

  4. Excellent. I am looking forward for the follow on post :)

  5. Wow i can see the light!!!

  6. Don’t know about critical thinking; will it help with my fuzzy logic?

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