Mixed Up But Unmatched


I try to read your latest posts
Write a comment to your replies
But often it is all a blur
No matter how hard I tries

For when you reach a certain age
Difficulty appears in your eyes
Lately that’s been happening to me
And it’s really no surprise

Twenty-four hours a day in WordPress
Well it really is unwise
Stay away from that wicked screen
Myself I did chastise

So I’ve been resting my orbs of blue
As to myself I did advise
And did you know the same befell
Esther Edith and ladysighs


I have had to cut back my computer time and only read important things like

I hate missing the fun of reading your blogs.  Snow rarely falls where I live, but it was appearing before my eyes.  I still make up nonsense poems and hope to return later and post them.

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29 thoughts on “Eyes

  1. Oh no, please take care.

  2. Oh no! But it’s good to know how you are? I have been wondering about your absence from WordPress. Take care

  3. take care of yourself – we miss your eyes, but we do want your baby blues to be happy:) we are not going anywhere – we will be here when you return.

    • Thank you for coming around. It is a bit hard to get started again. I have a bunch of posts in the Drafts folder which I kept putting off that I will now offer. lol
      :) Always keep a spare…

  4. Take care. I understand about your situation all too well. Have to pull myself away from the computer as well and recently had to get my first pair of distant glasses. Wishing you well.

  5. Been there, doing that. Really appreciate the LARGE font you used to post! For all us old ladies.

  6. I wish meme well.
    I did miss her

  7. Reblogged this on quirkywritingcorner and commented:
    This is so true, it deserved a reblog!! Absolutely fantastic!!

  8. OH, dear! You MUST take care of your eyes!! You can’t get spares.

  9. I can relate! Take care. :-)

  10. What comes around goes around LOL.

  11. Oh no. Take care of your eyes first. My mom was at a computer so much years ago at her job that her eyes became very sensitive to light. So she wears dark shades sometimes and can’t work under flourescent lights anymore. Hope it all gets better for you!

  12. Oh dear! :sad: Twenty four hours! :shock: This blogging thing is very addictive! don’t what ever you do have a Tumblr blog – I’ve just extracted myself from several months of weird addiction to quotes and animated gifs. I’m really tired of it now – need to get back to some sensible writing and find myself again! I used to get light sensitivity problems which made reading words on a screen unbearable sometimes, so I know what it’s like. For some strange reason, it seems to have gone now.

    Take care of your eyes! At least I won’t be responsible for straining them – I hardly post anything now!! ;)

    • It’s the reading that started bothering me. Just looking or skimming isn’t so bad but trying to concentrate on anything in depth is hard.
      I don’t blame you for posting much. I am not going at it every day. But I have accumulated so many in my Drafts. It seems a pity to waste them. lol
      I do get your updates by email. I wonder if that will still work if you have changed a few things?

      • The email updates should still work, because I’ve only changed my user name, not the name of the blog. My user name on my Tumblr blog is also the name of the blog, so when I changed that I managed to lose my bookmark to my own blog, and the same with Pinterest too! I just had to log back in and bookmark again under the new name. Will also mean all my links are wrong now, so got to change them too – tedious job! :D

        I know what you mean about concentrating in depth, my brain doesn’t always feel like concentrating, especially after a tiring day – my eyes start closing, which is great when you’re trying to make comments! ;) I think everyone has problems like this, and also time to do it all, but it just doesn’t get talked about much. We like to pretend we’re all perfect!! :)

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