Mixed Up But Unmatched

Personality ~ Courageous or Frugal


Courageous and fearless
To take the leaps of life
Positive and hopeful
As you face days of strife

Never doubtful of your strength
Unafraid of all you meet
Satisfied and self-assured
Ever hopeful and upbeat


A penny-pinching scrimper
A meager minded prig
A tightwad and a miser
A penny-pinching pig

Strive to be more generous
Great-hearted try to live
Being frugal is okay
But it’s also nice to give

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13 thoughts on “Personality ~ Courageous or Frugal

  1. Better to give than to receive… well, sometimes, anyway :-)

  2. Can’t receive until you give.

  3. Frugal, I know am not, but courageous I am

  4. I need to be more courageous. Not a penny pincher but live within a budget. ;-)

  5. Oh, I would like to be that beautiful, courageous dolphin. :)

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