Mixed Up But Unmatched

Personality ~ Steady or Stubborn


Steady staid and solemn
You put up with no-nonsense
Always wisely considering
Difficult and deep concepts

Burying yourself in books
Burning the midnight oil
From tough and troublesome tasks
You never do recoil


Stubborn and bull-headed
Ornery and
Firm fixed and balky

Though you’re set in your ways
And rarely are unbending
The liberty and rights of all
You forever are defending

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15 thoughts on “Personality ~ Steady or Stubborn

  1. You are truly unstoppable.

  2. Books and midnight oil…..that’s me!

  3. Can stubborn turn fruitful sometimes?

  4. I am a bit behind on these – I am certainly stubborn with a tad of steady – a tiny tad. :)

  5. I’m a light shade of some of the green. ;-)

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