Mixed Up But Unmatched

Personality ~ Impolite or Cheerful


Impolite rude and boorish
You get under every one’s skin
Antisocial and self-centered
You’re always butting in

If you won’t be more mannerly
Polite and refined
We will take a swat at you
Please bear that in mind


Cheerful bright and confident
You’re a ray of warm sunshine
Happy high and hopeful
You live atop cloud nine

Through rose-colored feathers
The world is how you view
No dismal doom or doldrums
Will we ever find ’round you



This is a picture of a notice from WP on yesterday’s post. NICE!   I did get a couple of likes,  but they never showed up. LOL   It didn’t make me too cheerful!

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16 thoughts on “Personality ~ Impolite or Cheerful

  1. Am a cheerful person! Now there is my personality

  2. Nice! This is why robots don’t fly passenger aircraft :)

  3. Now, I think I like to have multiple personalities.

  4. swatting impolite people is a good idea…saying “nice” to 0 likes not so much. You’re smart…all I could think of is “man, those WP robots are idiots.”

    • And I’m thinking “Anybody who doesn’t give me a LIKE is an idiot.”
      :( I probably should avoid everybody and everything today. The IMPOLITE card has attached itself to me and it’s only 6:30 AM

  5. Oh WordPress! What was it thinking? Nothing much it would seem if O =nice.

  6. i rather choose cheerfull :p

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