Mixed Up But Unmatched

Personality ~ Arrogant or Trustworthy


Arrogant and crotchety
Always cocky and crabby
Your high and mighty attitude
Is snippy snooty and shabby

Replace that pompous frame of mind
With reticence and modesty
And you will be much happier
I tell you honestly


Trustworthy and truthful
Always steadfast and straight
Level-headed and principled
About that there’s no debate

Up front and ethical
About this and that
If ever we need advice
You pull it out of your hat

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22 thoughts on “Personality ~ Arrogant or Trustworthy

  1. Jackie on said:

    Is it ok to have two cards? I feel I’m trustworthy and watchful. :-D

  2. Trustworthy = Salt of the Earth

  3. I won’t request any more cards, but I like these one very much.

  4. Ha, I like the “TrustWorthy”.

  5. Diving in with gay abandon (yet another personality fault of mine :) ) I thought you were talking horoscopes, and was about to leap to the defence of my husband who was born a crab, but a very modest and reticent one. I’ll get the hang of this blogging thing one day :)

    • The problem with blogging …. or at least my blog …. if one hasn’t been following along since the beginning, one doesn’t have any idea what I’m talking about. lol Just nonsense and rarely serious.
      :) Just doing a silly series on personality types. Making it up as I go. Horoscopes would be a wonderful thing to explore and exploit.
      :( Unfortunately … although I do get restless … I don’t travel to exotic places. I do enjoy seeing the travel pictures of others though.

      I am sure your husband is a lovely lovable crab.

  6. I am a combination of these. Depends on the day, situation, which side of the bed I woke up on…..:)

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