Mixed Up But Unmatched

Personality ~ Crafty or Softie


You’re crafty and your cranky
And a little crazy too
Always slitherin’ and a slinkin’
You’re sneaky through and through

You speak with forked tongue
Always throwing a hissy fit
But when you’re squeezing me
I love it – every bit


You’re just an old softie
A chump an easy mark
A sap and a sucker
Leaving messes in the park

Feet made of clay
Hide your dough in a hole
A dupe and a doormat
Such a dear old trusting soul

Yesterday a follower inquired about a snake and a pigeon card.  I looked in my deck and there were none.  So just for this one time I was an old softie and made these special ordered cards.

And if you want to see and read more about my adventures with snakes  – – –  Snakes Alive

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23 thoughts on “Personality ~ Crafty or Softie

  1. I thank you very much!

  2. You are always very kind to your followers.

  3. :) Brilliant might go a bit too far. But it is fun!

  4. “Hide your dough in a hole” Ha! What a great line. These are fun! Thanks. ;-)

  5. Softie sounds good but “A sap and a sucker
    Leaving messes in the park” does not sound good :(

    • A mess in the park is nothing compared to what the crows do to our car while sitting in the grocery store parking lot.

      I tell my husband he’s a sap and a sucker for parking under a tree.

  6. Okay, I am a sap and a sucker and my mess ends up everywhere. If you could see my kitchen now!

  7. But I will not be pigeon-holed!

  8. Jackie on said:

    Sorry to ask this here but why are the no comments on the new post?

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