Mixed Up But Unmatched

Personality ~ Flighty or Watchful


You’re flighty and a gandering
You never stay at home
You always are meandering
From here to there you roam

A sashaying and a sauntering
A traipsing here and there
Someday someone will tramp on you
Nobody will even care


Watchful and waiting
Cautious and circumspect
Unsleeping and wakeful
Everything you do inspect

On the job open-eyed
You do not miss a trick
On the ball on your toes
To pounce and do it quick

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17 thoughts on “Personality ~ Flighty or Watchful

  1. I think I am not qualify to judge myself to fit into these :)

  2. i have my flighty moments….honk honk…:)

  3. Do you have one with either a snake or a pigeon?

  4. I’m glad to see something that doesn’t describe me. I was beginning to wonder if I’m a multiple personality, lol. ;-)

  5. I know I don’t fit in this personalities :-P

  6. Jackie on said:

    I think watchful fits me. :-D

  7. Unsleeping and watchful will do me!

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