Mixed Up But Unmatched

Personality ~ Cocksure or Lighthearted


Cocksure and self-confident
The roost you like to rule
Strutting all around the place
Swaggering like a fool

But you are dependable
The time you like to keep
Without your shrill vociferous voice
We’d all be fast asleep


Lighthearted and high-spirited
Merry mirthful jokes you tell
Good natured and humorous
And whimsical as well

You always like to horse around
So vigorous and vivacious
And may I say with tongue-in-check
You are a bit flirtatious

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19 thoughts on “Personality ~ Cocksure or Lighthearted

  1. Can’t one be cocksure and lighthearted, in a cocksure sort of way? The question is, when does confidence become arrogance?

  2. Mmmmm…….what other cards have you got?

  3. I think I see some of moi in these. Reminds me of a Timothy Leary quote when someone asked him who are you and he replied, “Depends on who is asking.” :-) (but, I never did the LSD, lol. ;-) )

  4. Can a person be both or can be mixed and matched?

  5. Jackie on said:

    I’m not either of these but they sure are great poems of observation. :-D

  6. Sounds like my partner! ;)

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