Mixed Up But Unmatched



This week I will be posting a series about different personality types. Will you see yourself?  What has life dealt you?  Maybe you need a redeal.

No matter who you are
No matter who you know
No matter where you live
No matter where you go

You may be a nobody
Or a famous celebrity
What you’ve got in common
Is a personality

Wherever you were born
Or your nationality
The traits of the self
Are a universality

The essence of your being
Your own reality
The nature of your soul
Your individuality

A feature of your psyche
Your speciality
ABC of your spirit
Your singularity

Controls your every action
Mirrors reality
Often stalls and stops
Your potentiality

If your nature ‘s blah
It’s a triviality
Do a U-turn
And regain vitality


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23 thoughts on “Personality

  1. Sounds good. I’ll look out for “devilishly wonderful” :)

  2. Am looking forward to this.

  3. I adore this post. So insightful;).

  4. Jackie on said:

    Great poem! I look forward to the rest. :-D

  5. Vitality…yep, I ‘ll have some of that if you are dealing it out.

  6. This was awesome! I was a bit of all… :/

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