Mixed Up But Unmatched

Guest Blogger Coming Soon


Against my better judgment
I’ve invited ladysighs to be my guest
She’s been begging to post on my blog
Really has been such a pest

I will let her sing one song
She says she will do her best
I’m keeping my fingers crossed
And hope my blog she won’t mess (up)

Ladysighs is my blogging partner and sometimes things really do get mixed up. We have been taking turns blogging in order to spend a little less time in WordPress. Seems that idea is not working too well. 

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16 thoughts on “Guest Blogger Coming Soon

  1. :( The idea of spending less time in WordPress is definitely not working.

  2. Forest So Green on said:

    I hope she sings very well so she does not mess up your blog :)

  3. Duet! Duet! Duet! You know, like the Nike commercial. Just duet! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Just the very idea of the two of you on one blog…

  4. Just plain funny

  5. You two ladies make me laugh!

    • :) I think I am suppose to say “Thank You.” I can’t imagine you not laughing. Your blog is always so peppy.

      Glad you found a tag for advertising your book. There were a lot of cute ideas posted. But the final choice had to be YOU.

      • Yes, it was a good “you make me laugh.” I was at Lady Sighs’ site, and I rushed over here thinking I would see her guest post only to find it is a future event. But I get such a kick out of how you did this. You did make me laugh. :-)

        Thank you re: my tagline. I almost went cute and funny, but I had to remember the type of book the ad would be in, and who would be reading it. After that, I was really happy with what I settled on. I’m looking forward to seeing if it generates enough interest to make my investment back.

  6. I really don’t understand why you would have “HER” as a guest blogger, what about ME, I am fun, interesting and have been known to sing a song or two….:D :D :D
    Look forward to your special post. :D :D

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