Mixed Up But Unmatched

It’s All Right


Well it ain’t no use for me to sit and blog babe
You don’t come by anyhow
Well it ain’t no use for me to sit and blog babe
All my words you disavow

You used to stop and read what I’d write
Made me think that you loved my site
You’re the reason I’m taking flight
It’s not nice but it’s all right

And it ain’t no use writing a poem babe
No longer make the words rhyme
And it ain’t no use writing a poem babe
It’s just a big waste of time

I used to think that I could pen a verse
Now what I write just gets worse and worse
On me you’ve put a terrible curse
I’m paying the price but it’s all right

Ain’t no use thinking it’ll be the same babe
You never leave a like anymore
Ain’t no use thinking it will be the same babe
Never even get three or four

I don’t know where my blog is bound
Now that you’re gone and no longer around
Some new blogger you have found
Our love’s on ice but it’s all right

My dashboard is now a bit bare babe
I’ll be singing not one more song
My dashboard is now a bit bare babe
All because you done me wrong

Whenever you log into WordPress
Remember how you made my blog a mess
You’re the reason I’m feeling stress
My life’s got no spice but it’s all right

Just a little something to do while I’m waiting for my turn to blog.

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17 thoughts on “It’s All Right

  1. how soooo cute – i am diggin’ the country sound and i am feelin’ like kickin’ up my cowgirl boots:)

  2. You escaped from Lady’s grip? Good for you!

  3. Thank song jumped right off the page. Catchy and I remember it but can’t remember who sang it.

  4. I love it, very nicely done. That would be a great missive

  5. Nice music and the song!

  6. nice song…Dylan is a classic.

  7. Oh, such brutal honesty. I Love it! You have a seriously wicked sense of humor. Wonderful singing too!

  8. I LOVE this! Sounds great and such a clever pastiche. Brilliant, Meme! :)

    • So glad to learn what it is I have been doing. lol Pastiche was a new word for me. I looked it up in the online dictionary and there was even a recorded pronunciation.
      What did we ever do before the computer age?

  9. A good way to pass the time; better than thumb twiddling, I expect. Looking up pastiche on the online dictionary is a good way to pass time too.

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