Mixed Up But Unmatched

I Like You


To My Blogging Friends

I like you I like you
Because I know you care
I like you I like you
No matter what hat you wear

I like you I like you
Your blog you always share
Sometimes I swear you’re full of hot air
But I’m going to follow you everywhere


I love you I love you
Is all that I can say

I love you I love you
The same old words I’m saying 
In the same old way

I love you I love you
Three words that are divine
And now my dear I’m waiting to hear
The words that make you mine

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26 thoughts on “I Like You

  1. Only Meme can call people “full of hot air” and still sound delightfully endearing.

  2. Wow! It is for this reason that we always come back :-D

  3. katrina on said:

    I love you too Meme..:D

    • Katrina, I was afraid your blog was gone. Last time I checked………it was. I am glad you are back and hope all is well. :)

      • katrina on said:

        I’m still here Meme..to enjoy the company of friends like you, the advices, the beautiful pictures, the poems, and the singing! I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

        I’m touched for your concerned..thank you :)

  4. Hahaaa hot air, am I also excepted? Mind you, my blog did have plenty of hot air so it is actually very appropriate lol ;-)

  5. Reblogged this on ladysighs and commented:

    My friends are Meme’s friends
    And Meme’s friends are mine
    My thoughts are her thoughts
    That’s why they are so fine

    Our blogs are very different
    Tho’ we’ve been together from the start
    And we love our blogging followers
    With the same beating heart

  6. You’ve got a lovely singing voice there! Must come back in a while and have a look at some of your previous posts. :D

  7. Just four more days. Just hang on for four more days, then it will be over. Then I’ll be able to get cheap candy in expensive boxes for half price.


  8. I’m full of hot air.
    I float on it.
    I’m full of hot air.
    From Meme’s song I’m lit. :-)

  9. Late again…
    Thank you so much Meme!
    You are a true Lady:-)

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