Mixed Up But Unmatched

Year of the Snake

yearofsnakeHappy Valentines to friends celebrating the Year of the Snake
What the creature looks like I have a different take

Beautiful, lovely and shaped like a heart
Rather like the one I’ve tried to make with my art

Happiness and success I wish to each and every one
Come by Meme’s Blog when you want a little fun

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15 thoughts on “Year of the Snake

  1. Oh yes, we come here for a little fun!

  2. I love your take on the snake :-) Snakes need more positive attention!

  3. Glad to see the sun
    Glad I can still run
    Glad to eat my bun
    Glad I’ve more than none
    Glad to hang with Meme
    FOR LOTSA FUN. :-)

  4. No. Nothing about snakes is cute. Not even a heart graphic.

  5. So glad there’s no snake here either, though your graphics had me scrolling down pretty quickly! :)

  6. Red, aww, like someone’s eyes:-D

  7. Snakes and Scottish mussels, oh dear I am traumatized ;-)

  8. Glad you noticed that it is the year of snakes:) slimy creatures..

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