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How Much Do You Love Blogging?


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22 thoughts on “How Much Do You Love Blogging?

  1. I like blogging. Some days though I find it a chore. Especially when I am in pain. Sometimes I regret the way I do the music posts, and just feel like bunging something in and saying “there’s the music, listen to it” No matter how much I love photography, sometimes I just can’t be bothered to take photos. But I made a promise to myself that I would make a post every day

    • Thank you for your truthfulness in responding. I am sorry for your pain. I know you had a poll in your blog with the thought of rearranging it some. While a poll is nice and probably fun, I hope you will do what you want to do.

      Have you thought about another theme? I know we get comfortable with what we know. I tried several themes with my 2nd blog and finally went with the same thing.

      Have you thought about changing the whole idea of your blog? We wouldn’t love coming to visit you any less if you did. :)

      Your pictures/photos are my favorite. Perhaps you could expand or describe them more. Maybe a poem with them or a quotation. Perhaps the choice of music could be related somehow to a photo.

      I wouldn’t be tied to the blog a day thing. I think a good well thought out post tops that!!!

      I don’t mean to suggest that your blog needs changing etc etc. But I go through days of being unhappy or discontented with my blog, so I just want you to know you are not alone.

      Perhaps those that visit my new blog and know it is me still think of it as me. lol

      But I feel like a completely different person in the other blog.

      Sometimes a little change is good.

      • Thanks Meme. I have been considering changing my blog. After the length of time it took me to do this one though, I wonder if I should wait until I upgrade and get a free theme with it LOL

        I may change the colour for now though – when the snow has stopped so I can get an inspiration from colours.

        Thank you for your suggestions though

  2. I love blogging, and I think I love reading your blog posts more than I love creating my own!

  3. I don’t love Blogging, I hate to say that! But sad to say that Blogging love me! :)

  4. If blogging is listening to the lovely songs by Meme, I love blogging, if it is seeing the wonderful pics good people post on the web, I love blogging, as to writing my own, I love the thinking part :)

    • You won’t get much thinking here in my blog. lol

      Thinking is good. But if you can’t express to others what you think, the thinking isn’t worth much. IMHO.

      Fortunately for us, you can do both. :)

  5. You have asked a very insightful question. One of the reasons I came to blogging -I wanted to understand the inner workings of social media. What I learned was something much grander than I ever imagined! I love the voices, the messages, the adventures and the stories. Your gift is music and poetry.

  6. Blogging helps me connect with people, even those in countries I’d never be able to visit..and your blog helps us see that you are a warm person:)

  7. blogging is a door to the world, Meme. I’m happy I met you in this world.
    groetjes, , Francina

  8. You always say something lovable, hugable, and generally livable -:)!

    Take Care,

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