Mixed Up But Unmatched

Blog Attack

Yesterday I had a Blog Attack.  And don’t tell me you’ve never had one…even a little one.  Attacks can come without any warning. There really are no symptoms. Everything is running smoothly with your blog. You are having fun. You are meeting new friends.  You are reading some great blogs and getting lots of good ideas about….well just about everything.  And you really feel you have great blogability and in time will become a wonderful blogster.  You love the blogamania and love being a blogomaniac. You have studied the blogology of others and feel rather smug about your blogmanship.

And then the blogiosis hits and you feel like committing blogacide.

I recently found Every Day Another Story.  I love it because there are many great songs to listen to and played in the style I like. I noticed  there was a little audio player to click to hear the music.  I really wanted that little player as I have linked my songs.  I read and read and looked and looked and tried and tried and cried and cried.  I could not figure out how to put the little player in my blog. I really did spend hours and hours and hours trying this and trying that. I got so frustrated and felt I was just going to give up blogging.  Singing and silly songs are so much a part of me.  I like saying what I want to say with a song. And the player would make it so much nicer.

I finally emailed a friend on the other side of the world who is always kind enough to me. He is one of those geeky friends that everyone who is computer illiterate should have.  I awoke this morning to find an email with the exact instructions I needed. I was so close to doing it right, but even one little [ ] can make a difference.

I have gone back and put the little player on each of my song pages. I don’t think anybody is going to go back and listen to them. But you might just go back and verify that the player is there. And there will be more songs now that I can get the player in.  :)

Many hugs to my friend for helping me.

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16 thoughts on “Blog Attack

  1. AnElephantCant do anything regretable
    That’s why, darling, it’s incredible
    That someone so unforgettable
    Thinks that I am unforgettable too

    Well, ain’t you the doubting Thomas?
    Just went back and listened again.
    Still loving it.

  2. Friends are lovely gems!!

  3. andrzejl on said:

    Hey there ms_meme.

    You cannot think about giving up blogging every time excrement hits the oscillator my dear friend :). I like reading Your posts as they are something else… Really… Plus You have a wonderful personality and You are full of surprises. Heck – my avatar was not easy to made and yet You did it. You know I love that thing :). So do what You do best – learn new stuff and have fun while doing so and if You cannot figure something out – there is always someone that will try to help You.

    Don’t give up.



  4. You got it! I checked Unforgetable. Sorry if I was the source of your difficulties. Sorry also that I couldn’t explain the procedure correctly, but now that you have it, I hope to hear more.

  5. MonkeyC on said:

    Players up and working Dear Lady. And songs are flowing like the morning sun.

    • One more fun thing. What a pity Monkey doesn’t do as Meme does.

      As for the sun……….be on the look out or the listen out for the Moon. Coming to a blog near you soon.

  6. I think I will put a different player in everyday. Then you will have to listen everyday……over and over and over. :(

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