Mixed Up But Unmatched

Poppycock ~ The Soul

The soul creates ephemeral actions
The spirit shapes agility
In the bosom of my transient breast
You will find a flurry of activity

In the recesses of my temporal heart
Is a fugacious personality
Dreaming up hysterical brouhaha
Is my sacred special-ality


Poppycock ~ Destiny

Your consciousness comprehends your destiny
Your awareness envisions your fate
Your cognizance perceives your course of events
It knows what’s on your plate

Your every intention is an open book
Your mind knows how the ball will bounce
It is the function of your brain
What is written there to announce


Poppycock ~ Death

Death opens intrinsic sensations
I wonder how that they know
I think this built-in awareness
I would rather now forgodeath

A deep-seated sensitivity
I would rather have it be said
Gives me a tingle of being alive
Instead of being dead

Poppycock ~ External Reality

Your body is only a jumble of external reality
Anything else that you’ve perceived is not an actuality
That tangled cluttered mishmash you envision as your brain
Is only held together by a cerebral chemical chainchain

Poppycock ~ Existence

Existence transforms
into spontaneous quietness
The journey of survival
leads to spirited riotousness

Enduring calm
converts into continuing sadness
Causing one to meta-morph
into muteness and madness



There are those on the Internet
who speak gobbledygook
They even write their gibberish
and publish it in a book

They fool all the people
with their blathering baloney
Why can’t readers see
that their prattle is all phony

I thought to myself
I can do that just as well
I’ll dream up some drivel
and surely it will sell

Half-baked hocus pocus
and a lot of twiddle twaddle
Should be very easy
but first I need a model

I studied the scribble scrabble
of the Father of Foolishness
And was generously rewarded
with his simple silliness


Yada Yada Yada

I trust you will enjoy
my posts of poppycock*
And hope from your Reader
my blog you will not block

I have in my Draft Folder a series of poppycock posts. They were inspired by the Father of Foolishness – an expert on quantum theory and consciousness. 



nonsense; bosh


Splash of bold red
Senses drowsy soothing
Sleep-inducing Mesmerizing
Calm Trance *

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Amapola my pretty little poppy
You’re like that lovely flower so sweet and heavenly
Since I found you my heart is wrapped around you
And loving you it seems to beat a rhapsody
Amapola that pretty little poppy
Must copy its endearing charms from you
Amapola  Amapola
How I long to hear you say I love you

Amor amor amor
This word so sweet that I repeat
Means I adore you
Amor amor my love
Would you deny this heart that
I have placed before you

Amor amor my love
When you’re away there is no day
And nights are lonely
Amor amor my love
Make life divine say you’ll be mine
And love me only

*Cinquain is a short, usually unrhymed poem consisting of twenty-two syllables distributed as 2, 4, 6, 8, 2, in five lines.
Line 1: Noun
Line 2: Description of Noun
Line 3: Action
Line 4: Feeling or Effect
Line 5: Synonym of the initial noun


Most people have never heard of it
That phenomenon called pareidolia
And just in case you’re wondering
It rhymes with magnolia

It is a type of illusion
Involving a vague stimulus
And if you dare indulge in it
The results may be ridiculous

There is according to Hume
A tendency among mankind
To transfer familiar qualities
And see human faces in your mind

And what could be more ordinary
Than a burnt tortilla or honey bun
Or a pizza and dry piece of toast
Or maybe some egg foo young

And what is even more bizarre
Is the face that it invokes
I’m not making this up
Out there are really queer folks

For appearing to dozens of people
Make that ten thousand and more
On a pancake the face of Jesus
And behind them the crazy press corps



NaPoMo ~ Dear Followers ~ Vacation


I definitely need a vacation
To a villa on the coast of Spain
Nothing posh or lavish
But not commonplace or plain

Engaged a driver named Fernando
A cook called Roberto René
The butler I fancy is Ricardo
All will be well worth the pay

Sergio is employed as a tutor
The hairdresser is Valen-ti-no
The gardener answers to Victor
Oh Spain is the place to go

NaPoMo ~ Dear Meme ~ Gossip

Don’t gossip blab or babble
Tell secrets or spill the beans
Don’t circulate chitter chatter
Avoid embarrassing public scenes

Don’t repeat or spread rumors
That’s only done by teens
But keep your ears and eyes wide open
To pick up what it all means

NaPoMo ~ Dear Meme ~ Finances

Keep track of your finances
As you navigate the days ahead
Resist the enticing temptation
To buy anything new but bread

Your balance sheet and budget
Should be aligned in harmony
For if the figures are in red
There will be a calamity

NaPoMo ~ Dear Meme ~ Feuds

Disputes will be on your agenda today
Find yourself smack dab in a stew
There’ll be more than one – not much fun
Count on having quite a slew

When feuds and friction come your way
There’s only one thing left to do
To attain success – up the ladder progress
You must step on a foot or two

NaPoMo ~ Dear Meme ~ Thoughts

Think your own thoughts trust your own mind
Leave others to go their own way
Conclude and conceive – find what you believe
From your point of view do not sway

Deem and deduce suppose and surmise
Let the brain waves gently emerge
Take time for reflection – and deep introspection
All useless ideas then purge

NaPoMo ~ Dear Meme ~ Social Scene

The workplace for you is good today
But the social scene looks a bit rough
You must adapt – don’t come unwrapped
And try not to sweat the small stuff

Maintain an air of cool competence
Shrug off the prattle and prate
Eyes straight ahead – nothing to dread
You’ll find yourself first-rate

NaPoMo ~ Dear Meme ~ Disputes

Hassle and hoo-ha are in view today
Dispute and discord lay ahead
Be ready for friction – and much contradiction
‘Twould be best if you just stayed in bed

A run-in and rupture a riot and rift
Everything horrible to dread
A fracas and fray – a terrible day
Perhaps ‘twould be best if you fled

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