Mixed Up But Unmatched

NaPoMo ~ Dear Meme ~ Gossip

Don’t gossip blab or babble
Tell secrets or spill the beans
Don’t circulate chitter chatter
Avoid embarrassing public scenes

Don’t repeat or spread rumors
That’s only done by teens
But keep your ears and eyes wide open
To pick up what it all means

NaPoMo ~ Dear Meme ~ Finances

Keep track of your finances
As you navigate the days ahead
Resist the enticing temptation
To buy anything new but bread

Your balance sheet and budget
Should be aligned in harmony
For if the figures are in red
There will be a calamity

NaPoMo ~ Dear Meme ~ Feuds

Disputes will be on your agenda today
Find yourself smack dab in a stew
There’ll be more than one – not much fun
Count on having quite a slew

When feuds and friction come your way
There’s only one thing left to do
To attain success – up the ladder progress
You must step on a foot or two

NaPoMo ~ Dear Meme ~ Thoughts

Think your own thoughts trust your own mind
Leave others to go their own way
Conclude and conceive – find what you believe
From your point of view do not sway

Deem and deduce suppose and surmise
Let the brain waves gently emerge
Take time for reflection – and deep introspection
All useless ideas then purge

NaPoMo ~ Dear Meme ~ Social Scene

The workplace for you is good today
But the social scene looks a bit rough
You must adapt – don’t come unwrapped
And try not to sweat the small stuff

Maintain an air of cool competence
Shrug off the prattle and prate
Eyes straight ahead – nothing to dread
You’ll find yourself first-rate

NaPoMo ~ Dear Meme ~ Disputes

Hassle and hoo-ha are in view today
Dispute and discord lay ahead
Be ready for friction – and much contradiction
‘Twould be best if you just stayed in bed

A run-in and rupture a riot and rift
Everything horrible to dread
A fracas and fray – a terrible day
Perhaps ‘twould be best if you fled

NaPoMo ~ Dear Meme ~ Gambling


Forget being sensible, sober and sane
Let your regular routine hibernate
Gamble be brisk – run the risk
Roll the dice and speculate

Do not delay there’s a game to play
Be bold for adventure awaits
A chance do take – whatever the stake
Time to tempt the fabulous fates

NaPoMo ~ Dear Meme ~ Goals

It’s a perfect day to make some plans
Time to take control of your life
Give it some thought – won’t take a lot
Or you’ll find yourself full of strife

A new direction new goals to seek
Adventures and feats to design
Put your head to it – you know you can do it
Soon all will fall right in line


I will continue posting the many entries left in my Draft Folder. But because it strains my eyes, I will not be reading many WP blogs or making and answering comments.  Hopefully a rest will help.  Thanks always for coming around.

NaPoMo ~ Dear Meme ~ Worries

Don’t worry if you feel gloomy
Put regret and remorse behind
Don’t fret and fritter daily
Have pity on all mankind

Quit fuming and a fussing
Relax and try to unwind
Your grumbling and a groaning
Are driving me out of my mind

I will continue posting the many entries left in my Draft Folder. But because it strains my eyes, I will not be reading many WP blogs or making and answering comments.  Hopefully a rest will help.  Thanks always for coming around.

NaPoMo ~ Dear Meme ~ Organization

Prepare for all contingencies
Make no promises you can’t keep
Take time for organization
When spending don’t be cheap

Always exceed expectations
Give your love an extra treat
Negotiate out of corners
Tidy up and be neat

NaPoMo ~ Dear Meme ~ Decisions

Have you made the right decisions
Have you pondered in agony
Have you studied all the options
With steadfast scrutiny

Have you weighed all your druthers
With intense integrity
If you haven’t been perceptive
You will pay the penalty

NaPoMo ~ Dear Meme ~ Your Blog


Today you can do whatever you want
And be what you want to be
Whatever you think – you won’t sink
No one will dare disagree

Write your own story – a masterpiece
Make up whatever you choose
Compose and glean – whatever you dream
You will get raving reviews

NaPoMo ~ Dear Meme


April is National Poetry Month
I wanted to write something nice
So I fashioned a few Dear Meme poems
That will give you sound advice

To write a little rhyme
I don’t need to think but twice
Anything that comes to mind
Is enough to suffice

Each day if you visit me
Here in my blog you’ll read
Prescriptions and proposals
That will assist you to succeed

My gifts of help and guidance
Will be all that you will need
So return here tomorrow
And the fun will then proceed


I’m getting a late start for National Poetry Month.  I am singing the songs for Ladysighs’ NaPoMo entries and it’s a bit hard to be in two places at once.    

WordPress Feelings


Feelings nothing more than feelings
Trying to forget feelings for you
I found in WordPress

Teardrops rolling down on my face
Trying to forget feelings for you
I still possess

Feelings for all my life I’ll feel it
I wish my blog had never been
Such a success

Feelings WordPress Feelings
WordPress Feelings
But now we must part

Your like how I long for your like
Your Gravatar I want so much
To hold and caress

Comments your comments lost forever
Though your words I’ll remember

You’re gone gone to follow another
You found another lover
I’m so depressed

Feelings WordPress Feelings
Feelings for you
They’re still in my heart

Feelings WordPress Feelings

I like the song Feelings. I love beautiful songs and can’t help wanting to write and sing new words to the tune and adapt them to WordPress. It’s just what I do.   :)
While my new words may seem sad, they aren’t. They really are about memories I have of my blogger friends and followers. Often they leave or don’t return and I wonder about them. I look for them, but they are gone. I like remembering the good times and when it is time to leave, I will carry the memories with me. I am not leaving soon and hope you aren’t either. To some the sentiment may seem silly. To others it may be meaningful.  Some things can only be expressed with a song.

Edwin Kagin Songs

Yesterday I posted about the passing of Edwin Kagin founder of Camp Quest and National Legal Director of American Atheists. He also wrote some words to some familiar tunes. I think he must have had a great sense of humor. I enjoy singing his songs and sharing them with you.



They’re back in their burkas again
Women obeying their men
No other man should ever see
Her eyebrow or her knee
They’re back in their burkas again

Women are wrapped up by men
Protecting their bodies from sin
Women must comply
And not tempt some lustful eye
So they’re back in their burkas again

The wrap must be shared with a friend
With sister and cousin and kin
It costs far too much
With accessories and such
But they’re back in their burkas again


A woman can’t leave her pen
While the burka is still out on lend
So in her house she’s trapped
‘Till in that horror she is wrapped
‘Till she’s back in her burka again

Covered head and eyes and nose
Down their thighs right to their toes
They’re back in their burkas again
But sometimes under there
They wear sexy underwear
They’re back in their burkas again

The burka’s a smothering affair
No garment can even compare
It gets so hot in there
She can barely breathe the air
They’re back in their burkas again


Everybody will finally win
When women aren’t wrapped end to end
Law is a disgrace
When it hides a pretty face
And puts women in burkas again

Freedom can only begin
When women can show off some skin
That law will have to go
When all women just say “No
We’ll not wear those burkas again”

And on some happy day
They will put those laws away
And never wear burkas again
And on that glorious day
They will throw those rags away
And never wear burkas again


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